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Hi, my name is Mike…

I’m an Australian who lives in Poland! A self-taught Product Manager / WordPress developer with a background in Architecture, CAD & IT .

I started building Airconnex a few years ago as a WordPress theme. I made it to help me use Airtable as a bulk data source for affiliate marketing websites. In 2020 I decided to make it available to others via But some of the features required specific database and framework settings that made it difficult to maintain. I didn’t have the time or resources to properly build and scale it, but it got a lot of interest so in 2021 I decided to fork the project in two parts. The first is an application that is being built with a React framework and is for business clients (at the moment) – and the second is this free plugin, which I’m maintaining personally as a passion project.

If you want guidance, to learn about how the plugin works or make feature requests please join me on Slack!

I’m always happy to chat with new people and hear your feedback or help you work your way around any issues you may encounter.

To provide quick feedback about the plugin, please submit the form here…