What is Airtable?

Airtable is an amazing cloud-based application that combines the easy user interface of a spreadsheet (eg google sheets, microsoft excel) with the capabilities of a fully fledged database. By connecting Airtable to your website, you have the power to bulk edit your files and data directly – and update or create thousands of webpages in a few clicks.

Create an Airtable account (free)

Amazingly, Airtable has a free plan that allows you to create as many ‘bases’ as you want – the only limits are the number of records in each base and some more professional features being unavailable. If you can afford to pay a small monthly fee you can increae the record limits to 50,000 and unlock some more advanced features such as scripting and automations.

Signup for a free Airtable account.

Airtable Sample Data

There is an ‘airtable universe’ library with hundreds of great Airtable templates (including sample data) that you can copy into your airtable account and then connect to wordpress using Airconnex. To follow our documentation, we have also linked directly to some of the example data we used.

Copy the People & Resources Base

What does Airconnex do?

Airconnex is a plugin that allows you to easily connect Airtable to WordPress, and create Posts, Users and Portals – using data from your Airtable bases. Once connected, you can build more data directly in Airtable and update it with one click. We also include some custom built Gutenberg Blocks that let you display Airtable contents in your wordpress editor and pages.


You can create users by syncronizing records from airtable, and mapping specific fields into the WordPress account.

Dynamic Posts

Airconnex can import and automatically create a post for each record in airtable. You can choose which field in airtable becomes the url / slug and what the post type should be called. When editing dynamic pages, they work like a template – so you can use placeholder values which get replaced with airtable field values.


When you add a login to any page, you can limit access to specific pages (and dynamic posts) so that only users imported from Airtable can view them. On portal pages you can also add user placeholders as to display customized contents for each user. You can also use the data from airtable to show customized filters (for linked airtable records).


We also provide Airconnex blocks with the plugin. With these you can preview the actual result (including the airtable values) within the editor while you work. There are a few vital blocks such as the loop (for showing multiple airtable records on a page) and the image and text blocks – and we will be adding more continuously.

Find out more about these components in the documentation section.


Create a WordPress Sandbox

The Airconnex ‘sandbox’ is a free WordPress platform we provide to let you experiment with the Airconnex plugin before installing it in your own website. You can create a WordPress installation ready to experiment with the plugin in just a few clicks, and because we control the environment it also allows us (the developers) to apply ‘hot-fixes’ for any issues you report. Its a great way to get started towards making the plugin available for your own websites, and speed up the development process.

Create a new wordpress site to experiment with here.

My Websites Dashboard

The ‘My Websites’ dashboard allows you to add a new website if you want to start with a fresh install. For each website you add, you can also view it from the usual WordPress menu at the top of the screen.

The Admin Page

Your trial site comes pre-configured with some popular themes and plugins – including the Airconnex Plugin.

To get started using the plugin just visit the admin area and click on the Airconnex item in the admin menu.

Connecting to Airtable

On the plugin admin just follow the prompts. Most steps have instructions on the page, if you have any trouble please provide feedback via our contact form.

Dynamic Posts

Users Groups

Portals & Access Control

Pages, Portals & User Data

Airconnex Editor Menu

When you visit a page that has some Airconnex data available (a portal, or a dynamic page) you will see a menu at the bottom right of the screen. Click the menu to see the Airconnex values you can use in the page.


Airconnex uses ‘placeholder’ text values to represent airtable data on the page. Each placeholder corresponds to a field in Airtable, and the value it displays will correspond to the record that the page has connected to it.

Loop Block

Text Block

Image Block